Calling All Super Fans!

I am looking for a group of super fans that are passionate about spreading the word about Guy’s Odyssey. You will be my shock troopers. My spearhead troopers… oh wait, that is from the airborne creed. I don’t jump out of planes anymore. Let’s see… You are going to be my ambassadors, my street team, my super fans! 
How are we going to accomplish this? The simple answer is, with teamwork. If there is one thing I learned in the Army it’s to work together and count on to your teammates. 
So, what’s in it for you? As a super fan, you will have exclusive access to all of the latest and greatest news before everyone else. Best of all, you will get a free digital copy of Guy’s Odyssey, weeks in advance of the release date. 
What I’ll need from you is simple. Read Guy’s Odyssey and provide an HONEST review before the release date. I will ensure that you have plenty of time to accomplish this. Then post your review at Amazon, Goodreads, and Kindle (maybe some other places too). After that, tell the world! Talk about it with your family and friends. Put it up on your social media. Tell your co-workers. Get the word out there! 
On top of the free advance digital copy I will be offering a signed and/or inscribed paperback copy to any members of my street team for 50% off the cover price (plus shipping). 

Sound like something you might be interested in? If so, please send me a personal message for more details. I have a limited number of super fans I am looking for so let me know if you are interested!


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